Horng Shing Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd

has been established as manufacturer for over two decades. In terms of insisting on quality and continual improvement in aluminum building hardware accessories.

Since 1995, Horng Shing has always adhered to the philosophy of serving customers, to achieve higher customer satisfaction, we always apply ourselves to finish every mission.materials.

Moreover, we have built up our reputation and expertise within the industry through continual advancements in technological innovation, die casting techniques, equipment and also designing various building materials.

Today, we are well experienced specialized on either our major building hardware or multi field OEM products from all over the world.

Horng Shing listed "Professional" standard regarded as the highest indicator of the company. We sincere seeking to explore on “ Good living through high efficiency window and doors ” for all of users in the world.


HORNG SHIN ENTERPRISE. founded in 1985 by Principal Mr. Ni, started from zinc alloy manufacturer.


After the hand over, Mr Ni started expanding business into international market, turn on the page of aluminum window world.


The fist ODM zinc alloy product - push window handle (HS-001) was launched.


HORNG SHIN ENTERPRISE. has changed as Horng Shing Industrial Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, HS moving from OEM to ODM process manufacturing.


Verify by the ISO 9001 quality management system.


At the meantime, HORNG SHING had follow up the new trend with Japan building industry. Leading into new building hardware system.


HORNG SHING continuosly renewing more technical equipment to ensure the high standard quality. Importing ERP system into management and start trainning.


Addition in more equipment, 3D examine apparatus、3D projection device 、3D plastic printing facilities and etc.


Stride into diversity industry, especially machine and auto parts products, vehicle hardware product.


HS provide our employees a brand new air-conditioning production environment to increase the satisfy atmosphere either to our customers or employees.


The new factory expansion, implements of office and auto-equipment production are upgrading at time as well.


HS has the best R&D team, the well complete sales access and the sincere attitude to communicate with client also suppliers. HORNG SHING stand on the best quality and profession to growth up in this industry.


What's next from HS ?

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